How to Stop a Toothache With Tea

A toothache is really sore, I know because I have been there. But here is the great news, you can find relief right there in your house. No need to go to the dentist or to the drug store, and no side effects. Best of all, no more toothache.

The pain that you are going through is probably from your nerve. The minerals that comprise your teeth are extremely strong, so strong actually that they are one of the toughest bones in your body. As strong as they are, they are subjected to wearing and grinding. They are also exposed to the acids that come from the bacteria on your teeth.

The pain you are experiencing is as a result of tooth decay, because your tooth has been eroded. This is not the only reason that can cause a toothache. Other reasons that could result in pain are:

• Bruxius – this is a condition which causes a grinding of the teeth, and it happens mostly when one is asleep. Over time, this grinding wears the teeth down and it weakens the enamel layer.

• Another reason for a toothache is caused by the wisdom teeth that are trying to break through the gums. This can cause a lot of tension in the jaw and it results in a lot of pain.

• Temporomandibular Joint Disorder – this is as a result of the joint pain that arises from the joint that allows movement between the lower and the upper jaw, which is the Temporomandibular Joint. When this joint wears off, any movement causes a lot of pain and you can experience pain when you try to speak, eat or yawn.

• A condition called Gingivitis can also cause a toothache. This is a disease of the gums and an infection can cause loss in the teeth and pain.

• Cavities in your teeth can also cause toothache, as the tooth gets eroded.

Toothache remedies around the home include a cucumber, a clove of garlic and a tea bag from your kitchen cardboard can stop a toothache in its tracks.

How does a teabag work for toothache relief? A teabag works because it has antibacterial properties. You need to place a teabag in a cup, and add some boiled water. Let the water cool down to the point where it is not too hot for your mouth. Remove the teabag while it is still warm and place on the area that is affected by the pain. Bite down gently and hold it in the place where it is sore with your teeth, until you get relief. You should get relief within 20 to 30 minutes.