Can Tonsil Stones Lead to Cancer?

Many times when those little white or yellow stinky balls came out of my throat I wondered, can tonsil stones lead to cancer or is it a symptom of another illness. For a long time I thought this was the case and even became concerned. I have since learned that many people have had the same question on their mind.

Although it took me some time to understand what those little balls were I eventually learned it was nothing to worry about. Well if it isn’t something as serious as cancer or another illness then what is it? What causes these weird and often gross things? The answer is much simpler than you imagine.

Tonsil stones are called tonsilloliths in medical terms. Tonsilloliths are often not even understood by doctors and are misdiagnosed. They grow on or behind the tonsils in the crypts or scars that pus leaves behind. The pus is often seen during a bout of strep throat or tonsillitis. These scars are the breeding ground of tonsillloliths.

Tonsilloliths are made by a combination of factors. Tonsilloliths are made up of dead white blood cells, oral bacteria, overactive salivary glands, mucous secretions, and enzymes on retained food. This combination causes their awful smell.

As you can see this is not a sign of something serious such as cancer. The cause is much simpler and not as complex as many of us think. The only problem it causes is annoyance and bad breath. The good news is the cure and treatment of tonsilloliths is easy and can be done at home.

How To Prevent Tooth Decay Made Easy

Although hidden in the mouth, the nature of our set of teeth defines our personality. A set of white teeth is a symbol of cleanliness, and cleanliness is an attribute of an organised person. Tooth decay occurs when food is left in the teeth and is digested by bacteria in the mouth, turning it into acid. Social interaction is a necessity for coexistence, so we talk always, thereby opening our mouth and exposing our hidden set of teeth. This article gives details of how to prevent tooth decay.

It’s no news that brushing of the teeth is good oral hygiene. Even as toddlers, we were taught to brush out teeth but the question is, “how many times do we brush our teeth in a day, and do we really stick to the routine?” Dentists advice that we should brush our teeth at least twice a day, i.e., morning and night with fluoride toothpaste and floss it at least once a day, preferably at night and use a tooth brush for a maximum of 3 or 4 months. No matter how busy you are, try to make out time to brush and floss your teeth because you don’t want people to avoid talking to you due to mouth odour.

Good dieting is essential to the well being of your teeth. Endeavour to eat foods like cereals that are rich in vitamin B, likewise vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, they strengthen the teeth and gum. Fish, meat and poultry are also rich in magnesium and zinc which makes the teeth stronger. Reduce your intake of snacks and carbohydrate such as chips and candy because they can easily stick in your mouth. Then increase your intake of calcium containing foods like sardines, milk and broccoli.

The teeth clings to the gums in the mouth, so there must be adequate care for the both of them to prevent dental problems. Failure to care of either of them will result to the malfunctioning of the other. Gum diseases include gingivitis and periodontitis. Gum diseases can be identified from slight bleeding of the gum, most especially after brushing, and loss of a tooth. If not treated immediately, it can result to painful swelling of the gums.

While you take the necessary precaution to avoid tooth decay, it is important for you to visit your dentist once in a while preferably twice a year about supplemental fluoride which strengthens the teeth and further professional cleaning and advice on oral hygiene.

Research has shown that exercising of the mouth by chewing prevents tooth decay. You can chew sugar free gums containing Xylitol which kills bacteria in the mouth. The idea is to keep the teeth and gums busy and in the process, get rid of tooth decaying bacterias.

A white set of teeth doesn’t only define our personality but also prevents mouth odour and enables us to talk, smile and laugh freely without fear of mouth odour, giving us the desired self confidence.

Tips to Help You End Up With The Best Dental Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery

Choosing the right clinic for cosmetic dental procedures is the first step to ending up with the best services. The good news is that you will always find the best clinic if you take the time to do some research. You can use the internet to find out about clinics near you. You can also seek referrals from friends and relatives that have used services similar to the ones you seek.

That said, you need to consider some factors when searching for these services. It pays to compare what the clinics offer before settling on one.

The services offered

You need to find a clinic that provides the best possible services for you. They should be diverse and they should cover the specific problem that you have. The dental clinic should be in a position to provide the right solution for your dental issue. This gives you an assurance that you will get the relief that you are looking for from this clinic. This is only possible if the clinic has the equipment and facilities to provide you with the services effectively.

Consider technology in use

An up-to-date facility will utilize the latest technology in dental care. This gives you the certainty that the services will be fast and effective too. It will save you time and resources. For example, use of laser technology means that the process of teeth whitening will take a shorter time to complete. You will notice a difference after the first session of the procedure. Such solutions give you faster and lasting solutions. They are also cost-effective in the long run.

Sedation services available

The procedures, especially the complex ones, may require you to be under anesthesia. The clinic should provide you with the best options for these. Being in a deeply relaxed state enables you to undergo the procedure without any anxiety. You will experience minimal pain and most importantly, you will have a less traumatic experience. Having the option of sedation enables you to cope better with the procedures taking place. The dentist will also have an easier time completing the procedure with minimal interruptions or resistance from you.


The qualifications that the dentist has matter and you should check on the training he/she has. The experience is also important as it allows you to know that you are in safe hands. You will have less anxiety as you know that he or she will adequately take care of your needs. If the dental clinic utilizes modern technology, the dentist should have the necessary training and skills to handle the equipment. Some technology such as laser tech requires an expert hand. The dentist should have evidence of the additional training for this latest equipment.

Teething And How It Affects A Child’s Physical Development

If there is one important milestone in the life of a child that many parents may wish to skip, then it has to be teething. Although you feel happy when your child displays her two tiny bottom teeth whenever she smiles, but the process it took to get them is not easy for both parents and their babies.

The good news about teething is that all the suffering you went through, is not wasted. Teething such as crawling, walking as well as talking is a very vital milestone that shows that your child is on the right developmental track. Let us take a quick look at them.

Types of development.

We can classify this into physical and language development. The first thing parents should be happy about is that their baby’s teeth will allow her to eat well-rounded diets. In addition, tooth eruption also means that your child is gradually getting ready to tear into meat as well as chew beans. In a nutshell, you can see that teething offers an indirect effect on your child gaining weight, strengthened immunity as well as bone improvement and brain development.

Another important transformation is that your child’s teeth will assist her emerging language skills. When your child starts acquiring teeth and can also increasingly bite as well as chew more textured foods, they are simultaneously exercising as well as building the underlying oral-motor musculature, for speech development of the jaw, cheeks, tongue, as well as lips.

When to expect teething

Teething normally starts when your baby is 6 months old, but this can start as early as 3 months of age. In a nutshell, the age at which your baby starts developing his or her first tooth simply depends on the family history of teething. However, if you started teething early, there is every tendency that your child will follow the same pattern.

Typically, the central incisors, which are the two bottom front teeth, are the first set of teeth to erupt, followed by the central and lateral incisors, which are the four upper front teeth. However, your child may experience some variations in the order in which this occurs, but it does not warrant any concern. Before your baby is almost 3 years old, he or she would have developed a full set of primary (baby) teeth.

What parents should expect

Not all babies experience symptoms of teething. However, for those that are not so lucky, the coming of those tiny teeth can create a whole lot of misery. Some of the symptoms your baby might experience during this period include drooling, which can as well create some form of rash on the face or chin of the baby. Others symptoms include swelling of gum and sensitivity, biting, irritability, rubbing of her face as well as tug on her ears. In some cases, the baby might even refuse to eat or drink.

What you can do to help your teething baby

There are ways parents can help their teething baby feel better.

Use a toothbrush teether

You can give your baby a toothbrush toy to play with. It should be something that is safe for the baby to chew on. You can go for Eco-friendly toothbrush toys that are made from FDA approved silicone material. It should also be something that your baby can handle firmly.

Benefits of using a toothbrush teether

It can be very difficult sometimes, when you try to apply gel or granules to the gums of your teething child. The bite you get from putting your finger in her mouth is usually very painful. You can conveniently put your gel or granules on the teether and give it to your child to put in their mouth, instead of placing your finger in their mouth, which can be unhygienic.

The toothbrush style teether will also help kids to cultivate a good dental hygiene habit and it is quite a learning process for kids.

The toothbrush teething toy that you give them to handle should have a fun appealing design, in order to help keep their mind away from their teething pain.

Dental Health

Being aware and conscience of your health is one of the most important things you can do. You have to live in your body everyday so why not keep it a nice place to live. In life, most would agree that health is one of the main priorities along with food/clothing/a roof over your head. When it comes to health one thing that can often be overlooked is your dental health. Most are unaware that poor oral hygiene can lead to a series of other problems yet it is a relatively simple aspect to take care of.

It is no new news that exercise and a healthy diet are two of the most important things one can do to improve their health. There are countless exercise options out there as anyone can attest to ever watching TV. It seems like every commercial break has some kind of exercise/weightloss advertisement. It is a multi billion dollar business and rightfully so as people are concerned about their health.

Keeping up good health has countless benefits in life, you feel better, think better, are able to seemingly have “more fun” in life. It is often only the sick who realize how good healthy people have it. Take care of your body’s health and your body will not only thank you but it will help take care of you. However, don’t forget to consider your oral health.

Poor dental habits lead to poor oral health. Cavities and gum disease effects not only your physical appearance and sense of well being but if left ignored can lead to problems such as poor sleep, proper digestion of food including other more serious problems such as heart disease and stroke. Other problems poor oral care can contribute to are clogging of arteries, heart valve damage, lung problems. Pregnant woman with gum disease can give birth to pre-term and light weight babies which then leads to other health risks in the child.

You can take steps to keep your dental health in check, including brushing and flossing your teeth daily and visiting your dentist at regular check ups. A healthy diet also helps to build strong bones and gums, not to mention less sugar in the diet keeps the cavities at bay as well. Take care of your oral health, it is a simple way to contribute to your overall wellbeing. But while your at it, why not save some money with a dental insurance alternative saving plans. They will help you save money on your dental bills no matter where you live. They have nationwide plans to help you on your way to a great smile.